Genital Aesthetics in Turkey

The vagina is a very important organ for women. It is desirable for many women that the vagina is not only healthy but also aesthetically beautiful, and has a firm and tight appearance. Otherwise, some women may experience self-confidence problems due to the appearance of their vaginas. These problems also have a negative impact on the sexual lives of couples. Hundreds of thousands of women around the world undergo genital aesthetics operation every year in order to have a tight, aesthetically attractive, narrow vagina. You can do this kind of operations called genital (vaginal) aesthetic in Turkey.

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What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics refers to a series of operations performed to ensure that the tissues that make up the vagina and the area surrounding the vagina can have an aesthetically perfect, firm, and harmonious appearance. Thanks to these operations, the inner and outer lips of the vagina may appear courteous and attractive, in harmony with the genital area. Discoloration and darkening in the vagina can be eliminated. The vagina can be narrowed, and any excess skin in the tissues that make up the vagina can be removed to get a much firmer, younger, and symmetrical vagina appearance. In addition, the special points in the vagina can be made larger and more pronounced in order to enhance the pleasure that women take from sexual intercourse. This way, not only the aesthetic value of the vagina would be increased, but the pleasure of sexual intercourse is enhanced for both couples. Due to all these benefits, genital area aesthetics is among the most commonly performed aesthetic operations throughout the world.

Why Is Genital Area Aesthetics Performed?

The vagina, like any organ, can wear out over time. The tissues that make up the vagina may sag or expand. At the same time, there may be congenital or acquired deformities or structural disorders of the vagina. All of these can lead women not to be pleased with the appearance of their vagina and to their sexual deprivation. This alone is extremely unhealthy and as a result of this, there may be disagreements between some couples. Unfortunately, some relationships may be damaged as a result of the reasons we have listed. Genital aesthetics are done to prevent all of these negative consequenced and to make the vagina look aesthetically stunning and perfect.

How is Genital Area Aesthetics Performed?

Genital area aesthetics may take place in different ways depending on the purpose of the operation:

What is Vaginoplasty and How Is It Performed?

Vaginoplasty operation is one of the most frequently preferred genital aesthetic procedures. Vaginoplasty is a procedure performed to narrow the vagina and repair loose and damaged vaginal tissues. In this way, the tissues that make up the vagina are restored, creating a harmonious and aesthetically beautiful vagina appearance. Vaginoplasty is an operation performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, various surgical procedures are used to give the vagina the appearance we mentioned before.

What is Labiaplasty and How Is It Performed?

Labiaplasty is the process of shaping (shortening) vagina lips according to various aesthetic criteria and patient demands. Labiaplasty helps prevent sagging and deformation of vaginal lips. Thus, the vagina and vagina lips may have a more aesthetic and attractive appearance. Labioplasty is an operation performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, vagina lips are literally re-engineered with various special surgical incisions and sutures. The vagina lips thus have a small, tight, harmonious and non-sagging appearance.

What is Vaginal (Genital) Bleaching and How Is It Performed?

Vaginal bleaching is a procedure used to remove the darkening and color changes of a vagina over time. The color balance of the vagina is very important for the aesthetic appearance of the vagina. This makes the vaginal bleaching procedure an essential process. Today, vaginal bleaching can be performed with specific applications such as vagina bleaching creams, laser applications, and radio frequency waves.

For more detailed information about these operations, you can consult our website for a menu called Aesthetic Gynecology, and read the articles published here.

Genital Aesthetics Prices in Turkey

Thanks to genital aesthetic operations, women can have much more attractive and aesthetically perfect vaginas. These operations affect not only the appearance of the vagina, but also the pleasure of sexual interactions. Sexual relationships become more pleasant for both couples than they used to be. These operations are planned individually, so the price of genital aesthetic operations can vary from person to person.

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