Hymenoplasty (Hymenorrhaphy) in Turkey

There is a thin piece of skin at the vagina entrance, commonly known as the hymen. The biological task of this membrane is not yet fully known. In general, it is believed that it protects the vagina from external dangers. But in some countries, people attach different meanings to the hymen. For example, the hymen is associated with the female virginity. These meanings are based on completely sociocultural factors.

The hymen has a very delicate structure. They can be easily damaged, or torn, even during traffic accidents or some sporting activities. Therefore, patients may think that they will collect reactions from their social environment and that they will experience family problems. Today, the hymen membrane can be easily renewed through hymenoplasty virginity restoration surgery. Thus, many problems can be avoided.

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What is Hymen Repair?

Hymenoplasty is the process of the permanent or temporary restoration of the damaged hymen. This restoration process is carried out with the help of special apparatuses and suture techniques. Thus, patients can avoid any social problems that they may face due to damage to the hymen. The maidenhead, known in medical science as the hymen, can have a different structure or shape in everyone. In some people, this membrane can be very thin and tear even during simple sporting activities. If a patient suspects this condition, they can have their hymen checked through a hymen examination. After that, if they request, they can have their hymen stitched.

How to Diagnose a Hymen Injury?

It is very difficult for a person to examine her hymen on her own. When carrying out such an examination, one can cause serious damage to the hymen. A hymen examination should be performed by a doctor who is a specialist in the field. That is why it is recommended that patients who suspect that their hymen has been damaged undergo a hymen examination.

How Is Hymen Rupture Treated?

The hymen has a very delicate structure. That is why special approaches and techniques are needed. Obstetricians specializing in genital aesthetic operations examine the hymen in detail. Then they decide which parts to stitch in which way. A hymen rupture is restored by applying permanent or temporary hymen stitching procedures.

How Is Hymenoplasty Performed?

Hymenoplasty incorporates a number of processes that are planned by the doctor specifically for the patient. These processes are specially planned according to the patient’s demands and the status of the hymen. As part of the process, a hymen examination is performed and it is decided whether the membrane will be stitched temporarily or permanently. This decision is most often left to the patient.

A permanent hymenoplasty operation is usually performed by a method called “flap”. In this method, the hymen is stitched to the opposite side of the vagina wall. In permanent hymen stitching procedure, the hymen is repaired indefinitely. In the first sexual intercourse that took place after this repair, the hymen ruptures again and bleeding is observed.

A temporary hymen stitching procedure is usually performed about a week before sexual intercourse. In this procedure, the parts of the hymen are stitched on the opposite side of the vagina wall. However, these stitches have a structure that melts over time. Therefore, it should usually be done at least one week before the intercourse. The temporarily stitched hymen is torn and bleeds during intercourse.

Is There Bleeding During Intercourse Following Hymenoplasty?

In the first intercourse that takes place after hymenoplasty, the hymen ruptures again and bleeding takes place. But to make sure of this, it may be necessary to have a hymen examination before intercourse. Therefore, a medical examination is recommended for patients who wish to make sure that their hymen will bleed.

Will the Hymenoplasty Be On Medical Records?

As with all other treatments, no confidential information of the patient undergoing a hymenoplasty is not shared with any institution or third party. Even the first-degree relatives of the patient are not informed about the hymenoplasty operation. This is a very sensitive issue in terms of patient privacy and confidentiality. Due to ethical values, we do not share our patients’ treatment history or personal information with anyone except the patient herself.

Hymenoplasty Prices in Turkey

The hymen, located at the entrance to the vagina, has a very delicate structure. It can easily rupture as a result of any physical trauma. This condition is fearsome for some of our patients who are sensitive on the subject. But today it is possible to eliminate damage to the hymen membrane through a hymenoplasty operation. This procedure contains some processes that are planned specifically for the patient, and as a result, prices for hymen transplantation may vary. Cheap hymenoplasty in Turkey.

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