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The appearance of the genital area between the lower part of the abdomen and the inner legs is usually determined by the genetic characteristics of the person. This area, which also includes the vagina, is in change throughout the life of the individual. Weight gain or loss, diseases, challenging births and many other factors may affect the appearance of the area. There are many surgical operations that are performed to make this region appear more attractive and aesthetic. Some of these procedures are used to treat vagina lips, some to treat inside the vagina, and some to interfere with the area surrounding the vagina. The practice known as mons pubis plastic surgery or monsplasty is also one of the aesthetic interventions performed around the vagina. During this operation, the fat mass located between the outer vaginal lips and the lower abdomen, which resembles a knob in appearance, is intervened. In some people, this area that resembles a lump could be uncomfortably large in size. Monsplasty is performed to give this area an aesthetic appearance and create a comfortable and attractive transition between the lower abdomen and the genital area. In the sequel of our article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions such as “How to perform pubis aesthetics”, “How to perform monsplasty surgery?”, “There is mons pubis located?” and “What is mons pubis?”.

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What is Monsplasty?

Monsplasty is a type of plastic surgery performed to treat the area between the lower abdomen and the outer vagina lips. This area normally resembles a small bump or knob, in terms of appearance. However, for some people, genetic traits or factors such as weight gain may cause this area to appear larger than normal in terms of size. This is a condition that causes discomfor to many women. Monsplasty is performed to stabilize the adipose tissue in this area, creating an aesthetic transition between your lower abdomen and vagina. This helps reinforce the aesthetic harmony between the abdominal area and the genital area.

Why Is Monsplasty Performed?

Monsplasty may be performed on its own or in conjunction with other genital area aesthetic operations for the following purposes:

  • Achieve a more aesthetic and attractive cohesion for the transition from the lower abdomen to the genital area.
  • Give the genital area a much younger appearance.
  • Achieve a more harmonious appearance of the vagina and the area above the vagina.
  • Make the mons pubis, also known as the mound of Venus, more elegant.

The area we refer to as “Mons pubis” may have a much larger, disturbing structure than normal in some women. This can cause problems for women, ranging from self-confidence problems to difficulty choosing outfits. The monsplasty surgery is mainly performed in order to eliminate such problems.

Who Is Suitable For Monsplasty?

Any person who has reached the age of 18, that is, has reached adulthood is a suitable candidate to have a monsplasty operation. Monsplasty is not recommended for younger individuals to make sure that the genital area completes its natural development. Women who are already pregnant are advised to have their monsplasty after the pregnancy period is over.

How is Monsplasty Performed? How is the Mons Pubis Plastic Surgery Performed?

Monsplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia. Thus, patients are prevented from feeling pain during the operation. The operation can be performed using two different methods depending on the purpose of the operation. Liposuction is preferred unless there is sagging, wrinkles, or excess skin. The liposuction process takes extra fat from the mons pubis area, and the process is completed.

If there is an excess in skin tissue in the area along with the adipose tissue, in other words, sagging, the surgical procedure is preferred. During the procedure, excess fat and skin tissue in the mons pubis area of the patient is removed. Depending on the patient’s request, mini abdominal stretching may also be performed on the area. This allows the area to have a tight, young and attractive appearance. Monsplasty operation can take up to 1 to 2 hours depending on the scope of the procedures performed.

What Is the Healing Process Like After Monsplasty?

Following monsplasty, patients can be hospitalized for one night or discharged the same day, depending on the decision of their surgeon. During hospital supervision, healthcare professionals take special care of the patient and provide the necessary care and follow-ups. This will ensure a healthy and rapid step into the remission and recovery process. Patients who are discharged will experience a significant leap in terms of recovery within a week and return to their routine lives. During this period, it is necessary to keep in touch with the surgeon who performed the operation and to follow the doctor’s recommendations. So the healing process will be completed much healthier and more quickly.

What to Consider After Monsplasty?

Following points should be considered after Monsplasty:

  • Post-monsplasty, also known as the aesthetic of the mound of Venus, patients should stay away from heavy activities for a while.
  • After Mons pubis surgery, heavy sports activities should not be performed during the period as recommended by the doctor. However, light exercise may be done depending on the physician’s recommendation.
  • After Monsplasty, patients should not engage in sexual intercourse for a while.
  • After Monsplasty, patients should stay away from pools, Turkish baths, hot springs and similar public places for a while.
  • Patients should pay attention to the hygiene of the operated area during the recovery period.
  • Patients should not take any medication other than those prescribed by the attending surgeon after the postoperative treatment of Mons pubis. Patients may be required to take a break from the medication they used earlier, depending on the doctor’s decision. Your doctor will provide more detailed information about the subject.

If attention is paid to the situations mentioned, the patients will recover quickly and become able to continue their daily lives without any problems.

Prices for Monsplasty Turkey – Prices for Mons Pubis Plastic Surgery Turkey 2022

Monsplasty prices may vary depending on the extent of the operation and the accompanying procedures. So it is not possible to talk about a net figure regarding the price of the mons pubis surgery. You can inform your doctor about your requests and complaints and be informed about the estimated cost of the operation.

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