Pregnancy Termination (Abortion) in Antalya

Curettage (abortion) is the procedure to terminate unwanted pregnancies, in other words, to remove or expulse an embryo or fetus for pregnancy termination. In many countries around the world, permissive abortion procedures can be legally available. Turkey is among these countries. The European Union and the human rights committee consider access to abortion a fundamental right of women. For this reason, pregnancies up to 10 weeks can be terminated upon the demands of women in our country. Abortion, unplanned pregnancy in Antalya.

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What is an Abortion?

An abortion (curettage) is the procedure used to remove the embryo present in the uterus through various methods. Pregnancies up to 10 weeks can be terminated in case of permissive abortion procedures. Some pregnancies may pose danger for the health of the mother candidate. The child to be born may be at risk of a serious disease. In such cases, even though the pregnancy has passed the 10th week, it can be terminated as a result of various medical and board reports.

Thanks to the developments in technology and medical science, abortion today is a procedure, which can be performed with much simpler vacuum methods. The process, known as vacuum abortion, can make the termination of unwanted pregnancies much easier and more convenient for the patient compared to more conventional methods.

Why Is Abortion (curettage) Performed?

There are several reasons for having an abortion. The most common of these reasons is to end unwanted or health-threatening pregnancies. To give more detail, abortion procedure may be applied in such cases:

  • If there are developmental and hereditary abnormalities in the embryo.
  • If pregnancy and childbirth pose risk to the health of the mother candidate.
  • If the development of the embryo has stopped.
  • If there was any embryo and placenta left in the uterus after a miscarriage, to clean the uterus.
  • In the case of the presence of a suspicious mass in the uterus or if fluid accumulation has occurred in the uterus.
  • If there is a disease such as thickening of the uterine wall.

As it can be understood from these reasons, abortion is not a procedure used only to remove the embryo from the uterus. In addition to this, the procedure may be applied to diagnose some diseases and to clean the uterus.

Who Is Suitable For Abortion?

Abortion may be applied to all who request it, provided certain conditions are met. These conditions include the following:

  • Permissive abortions can only be performed within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.
  • If the mother candidate who wishes to get an abortion is under the legal age of 18, then the consent of her family or legal guardian is required.
  • If the mother candidate who wishes to get an abortion is under the age of 15, the procedure is not performed without notifying legal authorities even if the consent of her family is obtained.

How is Abortion Performed?

Generally three different methods are used to perform abortion. The first of these is abortion by the classical method. In this method, the lining of the uterus is scraped with a special, long, spoon-shaped instrument called a curette. Thus, the pregnancy is terminated. This method is not much preferred nowadays.

Another method is the medical abortion. This practice is commonly known as the “abortion or miscarriage pill”. Medical abortions are performed with medications prescribed by the physician. The first medication given was for thinning the uterus wall. Thus, the embryo has difficulty holding on to the uterus. The second medication causes a series of contractions in the uterus. In other words, the embryo that finds it difficult to hold onto the uterus wall is expelled from the body with the help of serial contractions. In addition to this procedure, a revision abortion can also be performed from time to time. Revision abortion is an abortion performed when pieces are left in the uterus. Even if it is a medical abortion, these procedures must be performed under the supervision of a physician in a fully equipped environment.

When To Perform Abortion?

Abortion should be performed within the 10-week legal limit as of the last menstrual period.

What Is The Abortion Period?

The legal period for abortion is among the most frequently asked questions. Legally period for abortion is up to 10 weeks.

Vacuum Curettage (Abortion) in Antalya

The last method is the procedure commonly known as a vacuum abortion in Antalya or a vacuum. During this procedure, a modern device is used that may create negative pressure on the patient’s uterus. This device releases the embryo and other pieces left inside the uterus from the body with the help of a vacuum. This is a very comfortable and quick method compared to the classical method. The healing process is also much faster and risk-free. It also does not lead to problems such as adhesions and the inability to conceive. Abortion

How Many Hours Does an Abortion Take?

Vacuum abortion procedure is usually concluded in less than 10 minutes under sedation. However, it should be noted that this period may vary from person to person depending on the purpose of the procedure and a variety of different factors.

What Is the Healing Process After Abortion?

After a vacuum abortion, patients recover much faster than a conventional abortion procedure. Nevertheless, there are some situations that need to be taken into account during this healing process. Women undergoing abortions should stay away from public places such as Turkish baths and swimming pools for a while. They should pay utmost attention to their personal hygiene. They should inform their doctor of any unexpected bleeding. Women who have had an abortion are advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for up to two weeks. PMS delay after abortion

Following physician advice will reduce recovery time after abortion and reduce the risk of secondary problems that may occur.

Antalya Curettage (Abortion) Prices 2021, 2022

Abortion can be performed in many different ways and for many different purposes today. How much does abortion cost? Permissive abortions are legal in our country. Pregnancies up to week 10 can be terminated through permissive abortion. The method or scope of abortion may vary from person to person. So abortion prices can vary. Prices for terminating pregnancy

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