Vaginoplasty Operation in Turkey

The vagina is a very important organ for women. One of the most flexible organs in the female body, the vagina can be worn out over time as a consequence of giving birth and progressive age. The vagina may have genetic-based or developmental disorders. The vagina may dilate or expand over time and incompatibilities may be observed between the vagina tissues. All of these factors may cause women to dislike the appearance of their vaginas. This can have direct impacts on women’s psychology and sexual life. All of the problems we mentioned may be fixed with vaginoplasty. The vagina can be saved from excess, worn and sagging tissues. Thus, women can get a narrow and aesthetically pleasing vagina. After the vaginoplasty procedure, both couples enjoy sexual intercourse more than before.

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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal tightening surgery, is a surgical procedure performed to rejuvenate and tighten the tissues of the vagina that have been damaged over time. The muscles, connective tissues and other similar structures that make up the vagina can eventually wear down. Particularly factors such as multiple births, hard deliveries and large babies could cause the vagina to lose its previous narrowing. This reduces the enjoyment of sexual intercourse due to dilatation and tissue wear in the vagina. It causes even more slipperiness and a sense of protrusion in the vagina. The sound of gas can be heard in the relationship. In this case, both couples are affected.

Vaginoplasty operation repairs and tightens muscles and connective tissues that suffer from the before mentioned conditions. So the vagina would have a narrow, tighter and beautiful structure.

Why Is Vaginoplasty Performed?

Vaginoplasty is performed to narrow the vagina, repair and tighten the damaged vaginal tissues. Thus, patients can have a much more aesthetical appearance of the vagina. In addition to this, vaginoplasty has quite positive effects on sexual life. The fact that the vagina has a narrower structure increases the pleasure of both the woman and the man from sexual intercourse. Hundreds of thousands of women undergo vaginoplasty surgery every year for this reason alone.

How is Vaginoplasty Performed?

Vaginoplasty operation incorporates processes that are specifically planned by the doctor specifically for the patient. During these procedures, the vagina is examined thoroughly. Tissues with wearing and sagging are detected, and it is determined what kind of procedure will be used. At this decision stage, the patient’s wishes are also taken into account. Then, the operation process begins. Perineoplasty or combined vaginal lip aesthetic surgeries may be added to the vaginoplasty operation depending on the patient’s needs. This is planned before the operation in line with the patient’s request.

The operation for vaginoplasty is most often performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, all tissues from the vagina inlet of the patient to within 7 centimeters are repaired, excess tissues are removed and the remaining tissues are tightened with various special suture procedures. Thus, the vagina becomes narrowed and recovered. The operation takes more or less 30 to 60 minutes. Your doctor will inform you in detail about the estimated time after planning the operation.

What Is the Healing Process Like After Vaginoplasty Surgery?

After the vaginoplasty surgery, patients are hospitalized for a while to rest. This period is approximately 5-6 hours. Sometimes if there is an extra surgery to be performed, the patient is hosted at the hospital to rest for one night. In the meantime, general patient checks are carried out. After the vaginoplasty operation, all means are utilized for the patient to ensure a healthy step into the recovery process.

Patients should avoid strenuous physical activity for some time after the vaginoplasty. Patients should pay attention to their personal hygiene and not visit public places such as pools or public baths. If they comply with these rules, they can recover almost completely in 4 to 6 weeks. The sutures used during operation will self-dissolve within a few weeks. Sutures do not need to be removed. Following the recommendations of the surgeon during the healing process will make the process easier, quicker and smoother.

When To Engage In Sexual Intercourse Post-Vaginoplasty?

After vaginoplasty, it takes some time for the vagina to recover itself, get used to its new structure, and heal. During this period, which takes 4 to 6 weeks, vaginal sexual intercourse is not recommended. According to the doctor’s advice, sexual intercourse is safe after 5 weeks in average. This period may vary from person to person.

Vaginoplasty Prices in Turkey

Vaginoplasty is performed to repair damaged and enlarged vaginal tissues due to factors such as giving birth and aging. So the vagina gets a narrower, more compact and tight structure. Patients get more pleasure from sexual intercourse after vaginoplasty surgery. This also applies to the partners of the patients.

Vaginoplasty requires detailed preliminary examinations and planning. The patient’s wishes and needs can only be successfully completed through a process of detailed planning. We also attach a great importance to this planning process. As vaginoplasty planning and scope may vary from person to person, the fee for the vaginoplasty operation may also change.

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