Dr. SEN, Nuran Hanim , Fatosh & their team are really incredible!! I had the best experience with them, from the initial consultation, through the surgery , up until my final check up post-op and everything in between!! I had labiaplasty & a clitoral hood reduction, which i had been wanting for a very long time. I did a ton of research before committing to a surgeon & Iöam just so grateful that I chose Dr. SEN. Of course I was extremely nervous to get a surgery like this done, but Dr. SEN and Nuran Hanim put my mind at ease and actually taking the first step and deciding to do it, everything else after was so much better than I could have imagined. The surgery itself is a breeze, you are sitting back watching Netflix & don’t feel a thing. I am extremely happy that I finally went ahead with doing this, and I am forever grateful for Dr Mehmet and his team for taking such great care of me! Thank you!!

Emma w…,Miami

I had an amazing experience with an amazing Doctor. I am writing my review after I had left Antalia to tell only the truth. I was suffering from prolapse in my vagina following 4 children. In my medical history 3 times I had problems with anesthesia. However, with Dr Mehmet ‘s team , i ve got successfull operation.. I did not have any complications from anesthesia. my operation are totally successfull. Thanks for everything and Thanks to Allah that let me knew this amazing doctor with this really amazing team.

Eva l….,Italy

Doctor Mehmet is a very successful doctor. I had no pain the first day after my vaginoplasty surgery. My special area is now looking great. Mr SEN and his team are very experienced and interested. Thank you for eveything!


Doctor Mehmet is the number one in Antalya. He is very kind and helpful in every stage of my labiaplasty journey. And also the price is reasonable. I am really satisfied with the outcome. If you are looking for aesthetic genital surgeon for labiaplasty or anything else, do not hesitate to contact him.

Michell s….,Germany

Dr. Mehmet Bekir Sen did my labiaplasty surgery a little over a year ago and it changed my life!! It started with a lovely consultation and his staff is very responsive, understanding and kind. It was a quick procedure, and they provided me with a great home package for healing after surgery. It took about 5 weeks to completely heal. A year later and I am so glad I chose to have this procedure done by Dr. Mehmet. The journey and result was absolutely worth it with my trust in Dr. Mehmet. I highly recommend 🙂

Hazel d….,San Diego

This review has been a long time coming, but I’m happy to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Mehmet Bekir Sen! It deserves to be known. So here goes… When I was 24 years old, I had a botched Labiaplasty performed in London ( by an unskilled surgeon unfortunatelly) in April 2020. I was left with one side over excised and too small…and ONE side of my stitches splitting at the seams, which was not only painful..but also completely destroyed my self confidence. I was at a loss for what to do, and then I remembered that I had seen Dr Sen’s work on Ig. He seemed like the best of the best; a real luxury dream surgeon to work with. He worked on many challenging cases before,so I hoped that he could help me. Than, I made a small down payment for the surgery, and was given a very through list of things to ways to prepare for my operation and travel. His staff did a great job of communicating with me beforehand, answering all of my questions and putting my mind at ease. When it came time for the day of the surgery, I felt very safe and looked after.. After the surgery I NEVER felt any pain, discomfort or worry. Now the skin is fully recovered and beautiful!!! You really can’t even tell that I had surgery. My confidence and sex life are better than ever! Even my boyfriend is crazy about it!! I can’t believe that I have such a beautiful result to look at for the rest of my life. Without hesitation…Trust in Dr Mehmet’s and his team!! He is incredible,beyond words…

Jessica b….,New York

I finally went ahead and got labiaplasty done! Iwas so so nervous leading up to the actual surgery. The whole operation itself was virtually painless. I prefer local anesthesia other than sedation. I local anesthesic was amazing and I didn’t feel a thing during surgery and probably until about an hour afterwards. I am going to be happy with the final result once I can properly see it.

Laura f….,London

I feel more confident in my results now and everyting seems to be healing nicely. Thank you!!

Katy l…..,Amsterdam

I felt uncomfortable since puberty where my labia minora grew longer and protruded from tha labia majora, I am extremely sensitive in general so even though my labia minora weren’t extremely long I was usually uncomfortable with them. I also didn’t like the appearance of my vulva and the clitoral hood was quite large .I am currently 7 days post-op and now it looks very beautiful!! I am happy with the final result!!

Margaret b….,Berlin

i am 3 days post op, the pain is minor. The operation was so successfull. Thank you Dr. Mehmet Bekir Sen &his team!!!

Perla f….,London

My labia had bothered me since they started growing at puberty and after every delivery, I felt them grow more.So after three kids, I was in pain with wearing thongs, tight pants, leggings, everything seemed to pinch or pull. Swimming in the sea was guarenteed to give me a yeast infection. It was horrible. Physically and psychologically it really took a toll on me. I tried searching for doctors for this procedure, I searched on instagram and found Dr Mehmet. He is an OBGYN but also specializes in plastic surgery. The procedure took about 40 minutes or so, now 6 weeks after, things are looking pretty good if I do say so myself! I got to shave at last, so that’ cool. no any complaints. Thank you very much for your services doctor!

Regina t….,London

I am so happy with the results, It really has been life changing for me and worth for everything!

Rowena b….,UK

You can’t tell anything was done down there and it looks so much better!! Thank you

Victoria s….,Spain

The office and exam rooms are beautiful and clean! The doctor made me feel so at ease and comfortable when he examined me. I quickly made the surgery date. It last for about an hour and I just watched Netflix the whole time it was going on…Thanks for the operation, everything is great! Now, I don’t think I will mind having someone down there looking at me without fearing what’s going through their head!

Ursula h….,Ireland

I did actually end up getting the outter labia down. He is amazing and makes everything look natural.. Thank you doctorSEN !!!

Valencia c….,Germany

I was visiting Antalya and decided to book a vaginoplasty with Dr. Mehmet Bekir Sen after seeing their great reviews on the web. I was contacted over Wp by one of their senior coordinators. They are very professional. A treatment plan was drawn up, and I found that price quoted for the whole service was excellent value. I really appreciated that was given everything I needed without question, from transfers to aftercare to medication to props.Thank you very much for everything!!

Yolanda h….,Holland

I had a consultation with Dr Mehmet Bekir Sen for my labiaplasty surgery, straight away I trusted him and felt comfortable, of course I did my research also. I was nervous about the procedure but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my confidence, he has done an amazing job and I look much more fresh and the age I feel inside.

Amy d….,Manchester

I am so happy with my results ! After seeing the results of friends monsplasty bikini area aesthetic in Antalya with Dr SEN , I decided to take the plunge!! With the goal of getting natural looking , I honestly can not believe the results!! They honestly provide you with a support system from pre to post op, and still continue to answer any concerns I may have.Thank you so much to Dr SEN and his team!

Alexa b…..,UK

I came from Düsseldorf, Germany, to have genital aesthetics. I was discharged on the same day as the surgery. It’s been 2 months and looks really great. thank you for everything my lovely doctor 😌🥰

Nat*** O***

I came from London for my labiaplasty surgery. Mr. SEN had arranged everything in advance. the result is really great. I definitely recommend it to everyone. Thxx!

Nat*** A***

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